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About the ANMA



The Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America (ANMA) is a nonprofit educational and research inclined organization, formed by Nepalese mathematicians and statisticians in the United States of America, with goals to gather and disseminate accomplishments and experiences in teaching and research of Nepalese mathematicians/statisticians in Nepal, the United States and around the world.

ANMA will particularly serve

  • to provide resources to Nepalese mathematicians in Nepal and abroad that foster scholarship and professional growth;
  • to advance research in mathematical sciences in Nepal as well as in the community of Nepalese mathematicians in USA;
  • as a forum for Nepalese mathematicians around the globe to share experiences and techniques that influence teaching Mathematics/Statistics.

The ANMA has been formally registered at the office of  Secretary of State, Indiana, USA.

For the last few years many mathematics/statistics students/researchers from Nepal are actively involved in research in both pure and applied mathematics in several universities in USA. Many Nepalese students are seeking their career in mathematics and going abroad for graduate studies.

In addition to the Nepal Mathematical Society (NMS) there has been a growing need for a professional and more global networking organization to assist the new career seekers from Nepal and the professionals who are already in USA. The ANMA aims at partially fulfilling this need. As an organization, ANMA provides a forum for educators, researchers and scholars to promote, encourage and sustain interests in mathematics/statistics through the networking with mathematicians from Nepal. 


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