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The President, Dr. Netra Khanal, has formed the following committees to divide the workforce for a number of important focus areas.

  • Membership Drive Committee

    Members: Mr. Debendra Banjade, Mr. Lokendra Paudel, Dr. Keshav Pokherel

  • Services for Prospective Graduate Students Committee

    Members: Mr. Debendra Banjade, Mr. Durga Jang KC, Dr. Netra Khanal

  •  Job Search Assistance Committee

    Members: Dr. Netra Khanal, Dr. Cheban Acharya, Dr. Dhruba Adhikari, Dr. Gokarna Aryal

  • Journal Committee

    Members: Dr. Naveen Vaidya, Dr. Dhruba Adhikari,Dr. Keshav Pokhrel, Dr. Gokarna Aryal

  • Summer Programs Committee

    Members: Dr. Durga Jang KC, Dr. Deepak Basyal, Dr. Naveen Vaidya

  • Newsletter Committee

    Members: Mr. Deepak Basyal, Mr. Lokendra Paudel, Dr. Cheban Acharya


Current ANMA members and prospective ANMA members are requested to help the committee(s) by providing ideas, suggestions, and support.



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