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The 2017 ANMA General Assembly was held at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January, 2017. For more details, please visit the page: News/Events.

International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences (AMNS-2016)

The Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America (ANMA) is pleased to announce that ANMA, Nepali Mathematics Society (NMS)and math departments at TU and KU are jointly organizing the International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences (AMNS-2016) in Kathmandu, Nepal, on May 26-29, 2016 The conference provides a forum to a diverse group of scientists in applications of mathematics to natural and health sciences, engineering and finance. Specific areas include analysis, topology, mathematics education, statistics, big data, optimization, operations research, quantitative finance, mathematical biology, biomedical science, biophysics, and public health. The conference intends to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines which impact nonlinear analysis and applications in bio- and physical sciences from the south-east Asian countries and around the globe.

For further information, please visit the conference page at for details.


Nepal Quake Victim Relief Fund



After much deliberation at executive committee meeting, it is decided to donate the entire fund through Help Nepal Network ( The main objective of the fund will be to assist rebuilding a school in a hard hit  and remote region.  Help Nepal  Network will keep us posted about the location of the school and the progress being made.

Thank you again for your generous donations.

ANMA is nonproft organization with the status of 501(c)(3). If you need a receipt for your donations, please let us know via, so we can send you an email receipt.

Thank you!

The Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America (ANMA) is a nonprofit educational and research oriented organization, formed by Nepalese mathematicians and statisticians in the United States of America, with goals to gather and disseminate accomplishments and experiences in teaching and research of Nepalese mathematicians and statisticians in Nepal, the United States and around the world. Read more.


Recent Events



The Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America has successfully completed its on-site general assembly in San Antoion, Texas, as announced previously.

A new executive committee has been elected and is operational immediatly.

The program for the General Assembly of ANMA is here: Program

The following is the elected executive committee for the period of 2015- 2017.

1. President: Dhruba Adhikari

2. Vice-presidents: Naveen Vaidya, Deepak Basyal

3. General Secretary: Keshav Pokhrel

4. Treasurer: Debendra Banjade

5. Members: Netra Khanal, Kailash Ghimire, Rajendra Dahal, Bal Kumar Khadka

For some pictures taken at the assembly, click here.

The PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Narayana Thapa, click here.



Here is an annoucment of the ANMA general assembly by the President of ANMA.

Dear Friends:

We are going to have ANMA general assembly together with the joint mathematical meeting at San Antonio in January, 2015. The general assembly is going to elect the new executive committee for the next term 2015-2017. Election committee consists of Dr. Hem Raj Joshi and Dr. Ghanshaym Bhatt. The election committee will be responsible to conduct the election process. I heartily request you all to attend and participate in ANMA general assembly as well as joint mathematics meeting in January. Please mark your calendar for the following dates and times.

1)      The abstract submission deadline for joint mathematics meeting is Sept 16 (NOT sept 22 ).

2)      Our general assembly will take place on Monday, January 12, 2015 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm

 in Travis B, located on the third level of the Grand Hyatt San Antonio. (AMS  provided us the space free of cost).

3)      We are going to have a ANMA dinner on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 7:30pm. (Restaurant TBA)

One has to be ANMA member (life or term) to be elected in the executive committee or vote for the executive committee. I would like to request you to be the member as soon as possible if you have not taken the membership yet. If you are a graduate student who needs support for accommodation, please let us know. If you are a faculty member who is willing to share your room with graduate student free of charge, please let us know as well. Thank you all for making ANMA such a great organization and we will see you all there in San Antonio, TX.

On Behalf of ANMA,
Netra Khanal



The Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America (ANMA) would like to sincerely thank the 2015 Joint Meetings organizers for kindly providing us with a space free of cost for the ANMA General Assembly. Please click the image below for information about the 2015 Joint Meetings in San Antonio.

2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings
Recent Events



  • Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America (ANMA) successfully organized a workshop on    

"Mathematics: Research and Teaching with Technology"

in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • ANMA members actively particiated in and contributed to the Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Summer School (CNLS-2013) in Kirtipur, Nepal





"The Abel Prize Laureate 2014" The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the Abel Prize for 2013 to

Yakov G. Sinai

Princeton University, USA, and Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences

“for his fundamental contributions to dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and mathematical physics”

The Abel prize carries a cash award of NOK 6,000,000 (nearly US $ 1 million). Read more.


"The Abel Prize Laureate 2013" The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the Abel Prize for 2013 to

Pierre Deligne

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

“for seminal contributions to algebraic geometry and for their transformative impact on number theory, representation theory, and related fields”

The Abel prize carries a cash award of NOK 6,000,000 (nearly US $ 1 million). Read more.



"The Mathematics of Planet Earth "  More than a hundred scientific societies, universities, research institutes, and organizations all over the world have banded together to dedicate 2013 as a special year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth      Click here. (Source:  



"The Great Pi/e Debate"  Colin Adams and Thomas Garrity settle once and for all the burning question that has plagued humankind from time immemorial: "Which is the better number, e or pi?" In what could be the most important debate  of the millennium, Williams College Professors Adams and Garrity use any means within their powers, legal  or otherwise, to prove their point. Moderated by Edward Burger, our debaters challenge orthodoxy, brazenly flaunt convention and behave rather badly in their attempts to convince the audience of the absolutely  ridiculous nature of their adversary's arguments. This event may have the historical significance of the Edict of Nante, the Yalta conference, or the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Or perhaps not. But just in case, you don't want  to miss it!        Click here. (Source:  






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